• Puma Glove Box

    £40.83 £49.00 inc.VAT
    The all steel one piece Puma Glove Box comes ready to fit, no fiddly hinges to fit or line up. The Raptor Puma Glove Box has the hinges already fitted to the steel frame and lid panel. If you can use a screwdriver you can fit this in literally 5 minutes.
  • Puma Pod


    £49.20 including VAT

    A steel and aluminium dash top Puma Pod  for fitting extra switches, gauges and controls to your Puma.

    Designed to very exacting standards, the Puma Pod is shaped to fit the Puma only, nesting between the air vents which makes this Pod look like the original equipment whilst offering additional space to a very restrictive dashboard.

    There are 4 standard panels available as well as the addition of a custom cut service for your specific needs.

    Front panel choices:

    PP1 Plain panel to cut to your own requirement

    PP2 4x 52mm diameter for 4 gauges

    PP5 All Carling Switches

    PP6 2x 52mm Holes For Gauges & 4x Carling Switches

    Special Cuts

    There is an extra charge of £12.00 (+VAT) for a special cut panel due to programming.

    Please ensure you choose the blank "Provide Specifications" option when selecting your panel choice.

    Then tick "I would like to provide my own specifications (£12.00 + VAT)" and provide your specifications in the box provided.