£48.50 including VAT

Steel Dash Top Pod with a choice of interchangeable aluminium front panels. Easily fitted in 5 minutes with supplied clamp that utilises the ash tray hole so there are no holes to drill in your dashboard. Front view is 330mm long at the bottom, 300mm long at the top and 90mm high. Depth is 90mm at the bottom and 80mm at the top.  Height at the back is 60mm.  Please note the Gauges/Switches & Sockets are not included.

P1 Plain panel to cut to your own requirement

P2 4x 52mm diameter for 4 gauges

P3 2x 29mm Holes For 12v Sockets, 5x Carling Switch Holes

P4 2x 29 mm Holes For 12v Sockets, 5x 12mm Holes for Toggle Switches

P5 7x Carling Switch Holes

P6 2 x 52mm gauges 4 x carling switches

Special Cuts

  • There is an extra charge of £12.00 (+VAT) for a special cut panel due to programming.
  • Please ensure you choose the blank “provide specifications” option when selecting your panel choice.
  • Then tick “I would like to provide my own specifications (£12.00 + VAT)” and provide your specifications in the box provided.