This is a steel replacement for the poor plastic original Binnacle Mount that is split or broken in many Landrovers. Powder coated in satin black to match its surroundings. This component supports the Binnacle which holds the speedometer, gauges and the heater controls in a Defender.

This part has been produced by Raptor due to constant requests from Defender owners for us to manufacture a replacement for their broken one.  When we took this part out of our Defender, we were surprised to find how weak the original part is. On removal one of the tabs that hold the Binnacle in place was already broken off and when testing the strength of the remaining tab we were able to break it off between finger and thumb.

Image 1    Defender Binnacle Mount

Image 2    Example of Defender Binnacle Mount supporting the original plastic Binnacle

As with all Raptor parts this has a lifetime guarantee.