Defender Binnacle Mount

//Defender Binnacle Mount

Defender Binnacle Mount

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This is a steel replacement for the poor plastic original Binnacle Mount that is split or broken in many Landrovers. Powder coated in satin black to match its surroundings. This component supports the Binnacle which holds the speedometer, gauges and the heater controls in a Defender.

This part has been produced by Raptor due to constant requests from Defender owners for us to manufacture a replacement for their broken one.  When we took this part out of our Defender, we were surprised to find how weak the original part is. On removal one of the tabs that hold the Binnacle in place was already broken off and when testing the strength of the remaining tab we were able to break it off between finger and thumb.

Our Binnacle Mount is suitable for both RHD and LHD vehicles

Image 1    Defender Binnacle Mount

Image 2    Example of Defender Binnacle Mount supporting the original plastic Binnacle

As with all Raptor parts this has a lifetime guarantee.

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19 reviews for Defender Binnacle Mount

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    Great product relatively easy to fit without removing wiring from the gauges. 8mm ratchet ring spanner was a godsend. I’ve now replaced the binnacle and mount with Raptor and the whole thing is now bombproof.
    Only improvement would be to come with new screws bolst and u-clips.
    Well done Raptor.

  2. steven (verified owner)

    Fitted this today along with a raptor binnacle, excellent build quality and finish, easy direct replacement for original part, would like to point out that when fitting the binnacle mount you are best loosely fitting the rearmost two fixings first, followed by the front two before pinching up all four fixtures. would certainly recommend this product and will be fitting another to my partners vehicle.

  3. frncine (verified owner)

    I bought one of your Raptor binnacle mounts in autumn and handed the job over to my local independent Landrover workshop.

    When I collected the Landy his actual words were “I don’t know what you paid for it but it was worth every bloody penny.”

    Fitting praise from a lifelong Landrover fan and fixer and testament to a superb product that’s a perfectly designed and crafted product that’s the ideal solution to combating a common Landrover problem.

    Well done! to all concerned at Raptor and long may you carry on innovative creations for Landrover .

  4. Maverik (verified owner)

    Super bit of kit, great attention to detail and quality, and superb customer service. Thanks again.

  5. Raptor Engineering

    Great replacement part for my TD5, as others have said, it works, it fits, it looks good and is much sturdier than the original. Also especially good customer service from Raptor, they will know what I mean !

    Geoff (Norfolk)

  6. Raptor Engineering

    I can only echo the favourable reviews already expressed, I am very pleased with this, thanks for a great product.

  7. Raptor Engineering

    this mount with the new binnacle makes a big difference to the cab noise in the 130 just need a set for my 110

    james scott

  8. Raptor Engineering

    Excelent Product! I have been searching for ages for one of these. I highly reccormend one of these they fit perfectly and are very well made! 5/5 Cheers Raptor!

    Tony Smith 10/01/2010

  9. Raptor Engineering

    A fantastic product. It is well made – no sharp edges, powder coated and the stainless steel allen key fittings are excellent. It fitted in 1st time round – no messing about. I wonder why Landrover didn’t think of this in the 1st place. Well done Proctor. 5 Stars out of 5 Stars!

    Dash Shah 04/03/2010

  10. Raptor Engineering

    Very well made and simple to fit. Massive improvement over the original which had already split and just fell apart when removed. Excellent product.

    Litch 11/04/2010

  11. Raptor Engineering

    Easy to order, quick delivery, quality product, well made, nicely finished. Managed to install the binnacle mount without having to disconnect any of the wiring or clocks – a bit fiddly but that’s down to my lack of expertise and not Raptor Engineering’s excellent product. Will gladly recommend this product to replace the original (flimsy plastic) binnacle mount which practically disintegrated when removed.

    Mr East 21/03/2011

  12. Raptor Engineering

    Just received my binnacle today. In common with everyone else, I’d just like to say thanks for a great product – very well made and fitted in less than an hour – what a difference (the old part was literally falling to bits!). The dash binnacle, especially now that it’s been fitted in conjunction with a new instrument panel, has cured a lot of my dashboard rattles and the whole assembly now feels really solid. Thanks again for a first class component!

    Jim Gilmour 11/05/2011

  13. Raptor Engineering

    Excellent delivery time and an excellent piece of kit. Fitted very well and everything is now very solid. A1, 5* and all the rest of it!!!

    Dave Holland 09/06/2011

  14. Raptor Engineering

    A great bit of kit and well thought out, nice touch with the pivoting lug holes and the alan key (enclosed) to adjust position, shipping was super fast. Will not hesitate to recommend and may well come back again at a later date. Well done guys and girls you really are the Mutts Nuts

    Mutley 23/08/2011

  15. Raptor Engineering

    i bought this at driffield landrover show. excellent product, just fitted today. can,t wait to fit the centre console now. WELL DONE RAPTOR ENGINEERING

    Dave Griffin 25/06/2012

  16. Raptor Engineering

    This what Landrover should have put into the Defender in the first place. Easy to fit and now the heater and vent controls can be used without feeling like they are going to fall off!

    Steve Ranger 23/08/2012

  17. Raptor Engineering

    Man that looks like the one Safari HP has been selling for years. Great copy guys. Comment from Raptor. It will be the same, if it was not the same it wouldnt fit would it. Its a copy of the plastic one that has been fitted to the Landrover for years. It actualy says its a copy of the original on our web site. I didnt know Safari HP existed. Good thing we didnt copy the price.!!

    Joe Coombs 23/10/2012

  18. Raptor Engineering

    Great product. Fits well with a quality looking finish. My only question is when will you be able to produce a metal gauge binnacle as my plastic one has also snapped like the original binnacle mount?!

    Reb78 20/01/2013

  19. Raptor Engineering

    Have one of the new Series 3 mounts, and its is an awesome fit. Really strong, and fitted really easily. Highly recommended!!

    Jimbob 18/07/2013

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