I have lost my fitting instructions for my Raptor Console can you email a copy?

Sorry as the instructions/template are printed onto A3 this is not possible, please email us with your details and we will post a copy out to you.

Do you sell CB Radios?

Sorry no, for your CB requirements please see The UK 4×4 CentreThunderpole, or Communication Eleven

Do you sell Gauges?

Sorry no, there are many 52mm Gauges available from various suppliers. Gauges are a very personal choice which varies so much from each individual.

What can I clean my Raptor Products with?

We recommend a small amount of WD40 and a gentle wipe with a soft cloth to enhance the appearance of your products.

Do you provide a fitting service?

Sorry no, but we are happy to give advice on this. We would always recommend that you use an Auto Electrician with regards to the wiring.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, please email us with your requirements including the year of the vehicle (RHD or LHD) & a full shipping address and we will get back to you with a quote. Exceptions include Channel Isles, Brazil, Africa, Turkey and also all countries not supported by PayPal.  Please note our Carriers do not ship to PO Box/APO/FPO numbers and we do not use Royal Mail or DHL for overseas shipping.

Do you produce all your manufactured products?

Yes all our products are designed and manufactured in our own Facility in Sheffield, England. All our products are design/copy right protected

Does your Cubby Box fit a 110?

Our Cubby Box is specifically designed to fit a 90 but it will fit a 110. The only thing to consider is the fact that if you have a second row of seats the Cubby will protrude a little past the back of the front seats.  Someone with long legs sitting in the middle of the back seats will have their leg room restricted a little.  No problem at all if it’s a truck cab or the second row of seats are little use.