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  • S111 Binnacle Trim

    S111 Binnacle Mount

    £38.75 £46.50 inc.VAT

    This is a steel replacement for the poor plastic original Binnacle Mount that is split or broken in many Landrovers. Powder coated in satin black to match its surroundings. This component supports the Binnacle which holds the speedometer, gauges and the heater controls in an S111

    This part has been produced by Raptor due to constant requests from Series 111 owners for us to manufacture a replacement for their broken one.  When we took this part out of our Defender, we were surprised to find how weak the original part is. On removal one of the tabs that hold the Binnacle in place was already broken off and when testing the strength of the remaining tab we were able to break it off between finger and thumb.

    As with all Raptor parts this has a lifetime guarantee.

    Also available is our S111 Binnacle Trim, click here.

  • S111 Binnacle Trim S111 Binnacle Trim

    S111 Binnacle Trim

    £20.42 £24.50 inc.VAT

    Series 111 Binnacle Trim in Anodised Silver.  To enhance the look of your existing S111 Binnacle or complement your exiting Raptor products. This also fixes the typical  issue where the plastic is broken away round the fixing holes. No more washers and superglue. ( Uses your existing screws )

    This product is the Facia Trim only and does not include the Binnacle or Binnacle Mount.  For the S111 Binnacle Mount please click here.

  • Defender & S111 Console Dash

    £89.50 including VAT Suitable for pre 2000 Defender & Series 111 (prior to TD5 Dash Facelift). The main body of the dash is a fully welded steel construction with a resilient powder coat finish. The front panels are made from 2mm aircraft grade anodised aluminium which can be easily cut or drilled to your specific requirements if needed. The Raptor Dash Console is supplied complete with a top and bottom panel of your choice, CB mounting brackets (fitted) if required, a full size fitting template, spare screws and an allen key for removal and re fitting of the front panels.  Please scroll down the page for panel descriptions. The Console can be fitted in around 20 mins with a few basic tools. IF YOUR VEHICLE HAS AIR CONDITIONING YOU MUST LET US KNOW PRIOR TO PLACING AN ORDER AS YOU WILL NEED A CUSTOM AIRCON CONSOLE  (£93.33 + VAT) Special Cuts. Please scroll down the page for panel layout information
    • There is an extra charge of £12.00 (+vat) for each special cut panel due to programming.
    • Please ensure you choose the blank "Provide Specifications" option when selecting your panel choice.
    • Then tick "I would like to provide my own specifications (£12.00+vat)" and provide your specifications in the box provided.
    PLEASE NOTE - Panel T9 , T16 & T17 are not compatible with panels B1, B3, B6, B7, B8

    Need help with fitting? Watch this video >

  • Defender & S111 Glove Box


    £49.00 including VAT

    Fits Defender & Series 111 up to year 2000 (prior to TD5 Dash Facelift) Suitable for RHD Vehicles only.

    Works well as a stand alone product or will complement your Raptor Dash Console, giving lock