• £2.75 including VAT

    12 V, 20 Amp Switches

  • 20 Amp ON - OFF rocker Switch.

    The same size and fittings as a Carling type switch at half the price.

    Compatible with all Raptor none round switch cut outs.

    These switches have a red LED that lights up when switched on.

  • 12v Socket

    £4.58 £5.50 inc.VAT

    12v/20amp Socket

    For 29mm Diameter Hole

  • Stainless Steel Upgrade Screws

    £3.04 £3.65 inc.VAT

    Polished stainless screws (pack of 20) an upgrade to the standard screws supplied with the Dash Console and Pod. These are marine grade stainless steel and will never rust or tarnish.

  • Double USB Socket

    £9.83 £11.80 inc.VAT

    Double USB Socket with LED - suitable for all Raptor Products with a charging socket hole.

    5 Volt with 1 Amp and 2.5 Amp outlets

    Fits 29mm Diameter Hole

    Suitable for charging all USB devices.

  • Single USB Socket

    £9.00 £10.80 inc.VAT

    Single USB Socket - suitable for Raptor Products purchased after 17.3.14

    For 29mm Diameter Hole

    12v input, 5v output

    Matching 12v Socket available

  • LED Lights


    £6.00 including VAT

    Set of 4 LED Lights.

    These fit in the pre machined holes in all Raptor dash console.

    The floor and transmission tunnel area of Defenders and S111 are extremely dark even with the interior light on. Drop something and all you can do is feel around for it. These LEDs are just enough to light this area whilst using a very small amount of battery power.