We have a LHD Version of our following products:

Defender LHD Standard Binnacle, pre & post 2000 with td5 facelift   £74.17 (£89.00 inc vat)

Defender LHD Deluxe Binnacle with silver or black facia, pre & post 2000 with td5 facelift   £82.50 (£99.00 inc vat)

Defender/S111 LHD Trim Panel (prior to td5 facelift only)   £24.12 (£28.95 inc vat) NOT SUITABLE WITH AIRCON

These are custom items not always available from stock , therefore they are not available to purchase through our website.

If you wish to purchase a LHD product please email info@raptor-engineering.co.uk with your requirements/year of vehicle/shipping address and we will get back to you with a quote and availability.

Please do not try to purchase LHD products through our website.  The website does not accept any orders from overseas.